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When is it? 

The official date is Tuesday 22nd December but if this doesn't suit, feel free to choose your own day.  If you choose to fast for less than 24hrs please let people know when they sponsor you. 

Do I have to go without all food and drink? 

Drinks and energy tablets are encouraged. For most of you, going with out food will be a real challenge (maybe even impossible). We don’t want you fainting when you are up a ladder or climbing a local Christmas tree! (as you do) If you feel ill or weak you should eat something immediately. 

I really can't fast! Can I do a different event?

Yes, please do. We would rather that you took part in the fundraising than not at all, so if you can't fast, and would prefer to run 10 miles, swim the Atlantic, or blow bubbles for six hours, go 4 it.

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